Our Staff

Leadership and Management Team

Mr Watson                   Headteacher

Mrs Williamson             Depute Headteacher

Mrs Hunter                    Principal Teacher

Miss Burns                     Principal Teacher

Miss Gibb                     Principal Teacher


Teaching Team

Nursery                         V Rowan                     

Class 1                         F Dunsmore     

Class 2                         E Morrow                    

Primary 1                      E Kelly             

Primary 1                      L Finlayson      

Primary 2/1                  L Risk               

Primary 2                      C Somner                   

Primary 3/2                  R Morrison       

Primary 3                      L Cummings    

Primary 3                      K Murray                     

Primary 4                      L Miller            

Primary 4                      O Brierton                   

Primary 5/4                  D McLelland   

Primary 5                      J Girvan                                  

Primary 5                      C Edwards      

Primary 6/5                  R McCallum    

Primary 6                      H McPhail       

Primary 7/6                  A Stanners

Primary 7                      K Stalker                                                                     


Additional Support for Learning Team

ASfL Manager                         Miss Burns

ASfL Teachers                           Mrs Cummings

ASfL Assistants                          Mrs Wright, Mrs Hannah, Mrs Dickenson,

                                                Mrs Kennedy, Mrs McAllister, Mrs Meikle and Mrs Shirra.


Early Learning and Childcare Team

Senior Early Years Officer         Mrs Clarkson

Early Years Officers                  Mrs Niven, Mrs MacLean, Miss McPhee, Mrs Brown, Miss Garfitt and Miss Miller


School Support Team

Clerical Assistants        Mrs Laing and Mrs Gill

Janitor                         Mr Hartley